Jobs in Europe
DEVOPS Engineer
IT, Computers, Internet
Bucharest, Romania
Type of Employment
Working schedule
- creating and optimizing the latest cryptocurrency trading platforms,
- helping to discover new practices in the financial world,
- designing and developing solutions for a global user base,
- developing tools for internal company processes,
- Design, automate and operate production & testing environments/infrastructure and delivery pipeline (CI/CD)
- Work closely with engineering teams to enable quick and independent development cycles and fast product delivery
- Ensure developed products are reliable, performant and scalable (based on product objectives / requirements)
- Effectively communicate solutions with team members and technical stakeholders (Architects, SysOps, SecOps)
- Review & verify proposed technical plans and changes to infrastructure; provide feedback based on the established cloud patterns and good practices.
- Monitor product related services, diagnose issues and propose changes to improve system's robustness and overall user experience

- Experience with Infrastructure as code frameworks (troposphere, terraform, pulumi, etc..)
- Experience with provisioning / configuration management / application deployment tools
(ansible, chef, pupppet, etc..)
- Experience with container technologies
- Basic knowledge of infrastructure components (databases, loadbalancers, networking,
caching, etc.)
- Basic knowledge of Linux
- Familiarity with agile practices and lean development processes
- Solid Linux fundamentals and administration skills
- Proficient in at least one scripting language (e.g. bash, Python)
- AWS is nice to have

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